Semi Hiatus
*Internally Screaming*

Queue runs 12 to 6


The Midnight Diana's has its members! I'll be creating a page soon! c:

Zayn; colour palette (insp)
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do you ever think about how no one ever fucking stays and no one has ever really truly cared about you enough to stay and think that everyone you have met and are going to meet will never care enough about you to stay till they get what they want then just leave instead of someone just staying because they care about you for longer then a week or a few weeks and you just never see that ever happening and you just get in this really fucking shitty mood bc s a m e

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Most important moment in fandom history

I scrolled past this, & I felt the need to reblog this. 

Same same

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Liam - 30.07.2013 - Outside the arena (San Jose) #2

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5 Seconds Of Summer in concert at the Royal Oak Music Theatre - 18 April

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@Harry_Styles: God only knows what I’d be..

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remember that time 5sos played in adelaide and they met up with the boys from day break?

it was a lovely night, i can assure you.

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